How should a soil sample be taken?

A number of issues need to be considered when taking soil samples. Thus, the correct collection of samples for analysis is one of the main factors affecting the analysis results. Therefore, farmers should pay attention to the following when taking samples.

Samples are taken by different methods for different arable lands. For gardens, the sample should be taken from three depths using the envelope method. It is taken from the depth of 0-30 cm, 30-60 cm and 60-90 cm. In the envelope method, the garden is divided into 5 points, such as the corners and the middle of the envelope, and samples are taken from those points at three depths.

The sample taken from each point is mixed separately by depth, a common sample is prepared and sent to the laboratory for analysis. When mixing samples, special attention should be paid to soil samples being mixed at the same depth, and it should not be mixed at different depths.

For annual field crops, samples from 0-30 cm are taken from several places by zigzag method for every 5 hectares. The samples are mixed and a common sample is prepared and submitted to the laboratory for analysis. If our area is 10 hectares, 1 common sample should be taken for every 5 hectares.

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